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  • UGC Original Music is a music service platform providing services to musicians which include music production, promotion and distribution in order to promote the development of original music in China. aims at becoming the largest original music platform in China, helping musicians to build up their own music management platform, providing more opportunities on marketing resources, signing contracts, monetization and O2O interaction. It also helped mobile service provider, music labels and copyright authority to identify outstanding original music and musician.
  • Duomi Music
    Duomi Music is a mobile internet music service provider based on music cloud to provide personalized music service to over 300 millions of users. Currently Duomi Music has provided music services across different platforms including mobile phone, PC, PAD, HIFI audio devices, intelligent TV, etc, which allow users to enjoy music with high quality at anytime anyplace, and to build a better digital music ecosystem. Duomi Music had accumulated over 300 million activated users by the end of 2014.
  • Finger Fun
    Finger Fun, which aims to be a prime mobile game publishing platform, entered into the mobile game publication business in 2012 with the help of accumulated capital and entertainment industry experience of the Group. In terms of mobile games introduction, Finger Fun has extended its operation from cooperating with high-quality mobile games developers to co-developing products with mobile game developers through high-quality network literature; In terms of mobile games publishing business, we continued to focus on mobile games publishing business in Mainland China while extended our operation to overseas publishing market and HTML5 mobile games platform through equity investment. Finger Fun has published several leading prime mobile games such as Papa Three Kindom.
  • A8 LIVE
    A8 LIVE, a performance platform using the brand of A8 LIVE located in the podium of A8 Music Building, which provides professional music services covering the whole music industry chain, and is committed to build an integrated online and offline music content incubator. The construction of A8 LIVE was completed in the second half of 2014 and its commercial operation was commenced in November 2014. Over ten live music performances were held during 2014 with an average attendance rate of 82% which helped building up the reputation of A8 LIVE.
  • Meelive
    an application targets to build an entertainment social platform for millions of youngsters. Users can interact promptly with their friends through voice and share the true, fashion and funny things with great experience.
  • DemoLive
    Demo live, a professional live music performance management team, is specialized in live music performance operation and committed to promote the most popular music live house performance forms across China. Demo live denies traditional large stadiums and livehouse inside small pubs, it offers you a chance to interactive with your favourite musicians closely and to enjoy amazing and professional live experience in the best fitting live house. Demo Live is devoted to invite popular musicians and artists to live house performance which makes live house no longer a minority way of performance..
    Demo live has organised 12 performances since its launch in the second half of 2014 which covered major cities in China such as Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen covering over 15 thousand audiences. The musicians invited were globalized and diversified which include Tom Odell from England who won the 2013 Brits Awards Critics’ Choice Award, Starsailor from England who won the 2001 NME Award for Brightest Hope, Zheng Junying, a popular rock star from Korea, and other famous musician from Hong Kong and mainland China. Through these performances, the Group has accumulated experiences in the live house-music performance operation and built up our reputation among musicians, record companies and music audiences.
  • inke
    Inke is an app of online live show, the first real-time social video software in China available in equipments such as iPhone /Android phone /AppleWatch /iPad
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