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About A8

A8 New Media Group was founded in May 2000. The Group has focused on the combination of Mobile Internet and entertainment industry for more than ten years. We believed that the combination of culture and technology will stimulate the rapid growth of content industry. We devoted to make the technology more humanity and emotional, and make the happiness more simple. The target of the Group is to build itself as the biggest entertainment platform for young people. Currently, the main business of the Group includes music-based interactive entertainment business and prime games publishing business.

The Group believes that Mobile Internet will greatly change the people's entertainment method and also the model of content production and creation. The culture will be more prosperous, the choice will be wider, the personality will be much respected, and the emotional communication will be more equal and wonderful. Our mission is to make the happiness more simple.

To achieve this goal, A8 New Media Group: 1) created the UGC, and has hold the annual original music competition successfully for nine years. The music competition has become the signpost of original music, and has collected more than one hundred thousand pieces of user-generated music; 2) created a mobile internet music application - Duomi Music, provided personalized music services, music and community interactive entertainment services for more than 300 million users, and also provided music-oriented hardware products; 3) entered into the offline performance market, built the LIVEHOUSE as public advanced performance platform, and built link from online to offline.

Along with the rapid development of mobile Internet, the Group entered into the mobile games publishing market through its core brand "Finger Fun", insisted in devoting Finger Fun as a prime game publishing platform, and so beloved by mobile phone producers. The games which Finger Fun has obtained the exclusive publishing right were high quality mobile games came from PRC and South Korea. Finger Fun also obtained intellectual property rights from top-selling network literature work in the field of mobile game exclusive edition right in order to obtain high quality mobile games. The Group also obtained high quality mobile games through the investment in Qingsong Fund which focused on mobile Internet especially mobile games investment. Finally, the Group is currently focusing on prime mobile games publishing business in PRC mainland, and has also deployed its layout in overseas mobile games publishing market through investment.

The Group always takes "To achieve results beyond expectation, to make happiness more simple" as our mission, makes "To create interactive entertainment platform" as our goal, and redeems "focus on users, refuse to be average, embrace the change, make achievement though helping each other, to be frank, responsible and happy" as our core values. The Group is committed to building a harmonious ecological chain, and cooperate with industrial partners to explore actively, adhere to innovation, and achieve a win-win situation.

A8 New Media Group is a listed company on the main board of Hong Kong Stock Exchange (00800.HK), and has selected as national music industry base by the State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television of China in 2011.

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